Trisha Talks: A Series of Unexplainable Events

This is going to be a whole series, because I really couldn’t be able to write it all down at once. My Mom My mom has always been the wild one out of her and my aunt. She's usually the instigator, mastered the art of guilt tripping, and has the ability to keep my aunt… Continue reading Trisha Talks: A Series of Unexplainable Events


5 Reasons to Love Maastricht, Netherlands

Whether you have heard of it, or not Maastricht, Netherlands is a must see for anyone who loves quant towns. I ADORED this place, and really wanted to stay longer than we did. But, the first part of the trip came to an end and the next city of Europe we went. So here are 5 things I loved about Maastricht, because I am feeling nostalgic.