My Life.

6 Ways to Make the Job Searching Process Suck a Little Less

Job searching, while currently employed, is hard work. Yes, it (sometimes feels like) a second job. Keeping it quiet is even more nerve racking, scheduling interviews during work hours always stresses me out. Especially when job searching goes like this:


I Let My Fiancé Pick My Makeup Out

I wasn't allowed to use a mirror while I was doing my makeup, or at any point during the process. YouTube has cycled these challenges separately, "my boyfriend picks out my makeup tag" and "I do my makeup blind tag". So, I decided to put them together and damn it was tough.

My Life.

I do, don’t I?

Am I really going to spend the rest of my life with one person? I have written off marriage, right next to “never having babies” for almost my whole life. My parents had a really nasty divorce and it was tough to go through as a kid. So, I told myself I would never put myself in the position where I would end up in a divorce (or end up having to have kids go through it).


5 Reasons to Love Maastricht, Netherlands

Whether you have heard of it, or not Maastricht, Netherlands is a must see for anyone who loves quant towns. I ADORED this place, and really wanted to stay longer than we did. But, the first part of the trip came to an end and the next city of Europe we went. So here are 5 things I loved about Maastricht, because I am feeling nostalgic. 

My Car


Seriously though. That is one of many reasons I wanted to get a Subaru. I was alway apprehensive with car guys when Nick and I first started dating, everyone judges each other and they can be pretty brutal. Up until we starting hanging around the Subaru guys, I was content with my civic.


6 Beauty Products I Live For The Everyday Look

Let's face it. I don't really do a whole glam look for work everyday. I have to be to work at 7 AM, I really love sleep, and I see about 6 people on a given day. So here are 6 products that I usually stick to for my 5 minute morning routine.