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Emotional Mess

There are a million emotions I went through when quitting my job, but I am going to be talking about the four scariest ones I went through when leaving my previous employer.

After I handed my letter of resignation (email) to my boss, she called me. She sounded shocked, and I could just hear her head spinning of “Oh shit, what I am going to do without you”. Here are the 4 emotions I felt after that phone call:

1 Guilt

I felt so guilty for going behind her back and finding another job. When she called me, I don’t think she realized I found a new job. I think she thought I was just quitting because Nick got a job elsewhere? So I felt guilty, especially because I couldn’t do it in person. (but due to the circumstances, I am glad I didn’t do it in person the following Monday)

2 Relief

So then comes my realization of, why am I even guilty? I CHOSE to look elsewhere, I am dying to get out of Erie, and I want to advance my career in an industry I am passionate for. So then, I felt relieved. I did it, I spent months looking to relocate and I finally did it. My career is going to explode and I can’t wait to be around fresh new faces that think LIKE I DO.

3 Stressed / Paranoid

I have worked really hard to build what we had, of course I don’t want to hand it off to just anyone. I left Onex with a big footprint (or so I thought). I looked back and thought, yeah I did that. I felt good about leaving, but paranoid because I knew when I left, the ball would drop and nobody would pick it up and run with it.

4 Overwhelming excitement

The “oh crap, we are moving to a different state!” overwhelming excitement. Out of Erie and into pure warmth and sunshine all the time. Let’s go now! But then you think.. packing… physical moving.. and unpacking into a new apartment. Holy crap. This is what we have been waiting for.

So there it goes. I quit my job, moved and quickly started a new job. It has been a rollercoaster of a mess but I couldn’t have made a better choice!

More to come ❤


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