Beauty Products I Hate…

I LOVE all things beauty. However, sometimes brands can get it really wrong and here’s a list of my throw out haul when I cleaned my makeup station.

  1. Wet n Wild Foundation

Okay. So I bought this because SO many YouTubers were hyping it up so much and the fact that it was so cheap, I figured I’d buy it. Wrong. So wrong. I never reach for it because a the shade is way too light (I even researched the shit out if it before I bought it) and it smelled so bad. I just never really reached for it as an everyday foundation. So, toss. 

2. Kat Von D Liquid Lip

I kept this for so long, hoping I would forget how much I hated it and try to use it so I could get my money’s worth. Holy crap, this stuff is awful. I am not sure if they reformulated it since I bought it, but it was SO dry and patchy. To get a smooth look you needed to apply so many layers, but then it cracked because there were too many layers.

3. Becca Chubby Highligher Stick

I bought this as a whim when I was at Macy’s and had a gift card. I hate it. I just don’t care for stick highlighters (come to find out). I don’t know, maybe I didn’t give it a fighting chance but the stick is not my jam.

4. Loreal telescopic mascara

I have no patience for this. The wand is so super little, it takes forever to comb each individual eye lashes and about 9 times out of 10 I always poke my eye because I get too impatient and speed through it. Don’t get me wrong my lashes look really good, it’s just I have zero patience. I will still use this, but UGHH MASCARA IN THE EYE.

5. Pretty Vulgar Black List Gel Eyeliner

I am not the best at eyeliner. I will be the first to admit. So this might be a conflict of skill level but I hate this stuff. I was so excited to get it in my Boxy Charm box because I wanted to try it but didn’t want to pay for it (let’s be honest, that’s the only reason I subscribe to BC). It is so hard to work with. Unless you’re suppose to mix some fancy oil in there to make it nicer (which I don’t have time for – pls) it is the messiest application process and it isn’t precise like I wish it was, it just tugs at your eyelid and then deposits zero product. I have also used multiple brushes with this liner and still same results.

Products I’m on the fence about

Tarte White Peach Palette

I bought this during the Sephora VIB sale and I was actually on the fence when I bought it. The palette is okay looking, but when I swatched it in store, it felt creamy and pigmented so I thought I’d give it a try. The downfall is that it is a little powdery. It has quite a bit of kickback and when I put these shadows on I tend to do it before my base and whatnot because it does have a bit of fallout because you really have to pack the color on. The shimmers/sparkle shades are dangerous because they’re a little flaky. All in all, eh this is okay. I do have some cute looks with this, but it isn’t my go-to palette. 

Colourpop Blurring Foundation

I bought this after watching a review from Jeffery Star, Tati and Raw Beauty Kristy and thought I could try it out. It is super affordable and they were having a pretty big sale so I thought why not. Bought two shades since I suck at picking my shade. But their website is pretty spot on with choosing your color, and the shade range is amaaazzinggg. The first time I used it I thought the application was a breeze, blended well with my other products, I wore it to work (10 hr day) it looked great. So far it’s nice but I need to be careful where I wear it because it does melt off (but I live in Florida, and most of my foundations do this). So, I’ll keep wearing it!


That’s it for now,

– AB

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