My Life.

An Introverts Nightmare

The Bullpen Office.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes they work really well. But there are times where I want to pull my hair out. This is the office environment I walked into when I started my job down here in Tampa. There is a crazy amount of background chatter. People talk across the room, shout to the next room over, talk to themselves; it is all over the place. Before I get started on the top 10 things I’ve learned from working in an office bullpen, let me remind you of what an introvert is. Or first, I’ll start off of what we are not. We are not ones to have fun, we aren’t team players, and we don’t know how to communicate.

What is an introvert 

Introversion is simply our brain’s personality and how we respond to certain stimulation. Introverts are more creative thinkers. We like to brief on a certain subject, sit on that topic for a few days, craft some key points then return and discuss our findings. I hate sitting in a brainstorm session where we have to spew off information the second it enters our brains. I love being alone. I love the quiet. Reading a book on a rainy day is one of my favorite pastimes (or watching makeup videos). We’re great listeners, selective with who we let into our small circle of trust, and just are very self-aware. 

What I have learned from the Bullpen

  1. Headphones are your best friend. Don’t be afraid to use them.
  2. You have to really build your mom power of blocking LITERALLY everything out.
  3. Find a quiet space in the office. Somewhere you can go when things are just a little too much. A conference room, the bathroom, anywhere. 
  4. Write everything down. Because you will forget. You start one path of a project, the phone rings, someone is yelling across the room and you completely forgot what you were doing. 
  5. Prioritize. You can get lost into certain conversations and next thing you know it’s 5 o’clock and you have nothing to show for the day
  6. Don’t engage with small chatter. You’ll make it worse. Don’t waste your breath on a conversation that will end up no where 
  7. Pack on that collagen and grow some thicker skin – you will get yelled at, and you can’t take it personal. 
  8. Take a full lunch away from your desk. It will help recharge you for a full afternoon. 
  9. Light a calming candle or use essential oils, and find your happy place. 
  10. Try your hardest to get through the day.

Good luck out there, my fellow introverts. 

Until next time,


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