I Bought Beauty Products Based on a Sephora Quiz

So every few weeks Sephora will have some quiz on their website (right now it’s skin care products) but a few weeks ago I took one for foundation. The biggest thing I struggle with is finding the right color of foundation for my skin, especially trying to find one online. (from being overly indecisive and I think I just suck at trying to pick my shade.)
So I thought this will be great (maybe I will find a new love of mine) and perfect timing because my Too Faced Born This Way foundation ran out. So this quiz had a few questions based on your skin type, undertone, etc. then will pick out a foundation for you based on your answers. Like I said, I have trouble trying to find the right shade for me online so I let Sephora do it and here’s how it went.

What they chose:

They had a few choices (some way out of my price range) but, I did find one (still sort of breaks the bank) but it is the NARS Natural Radiant Longwear foundation in Salzburg – Light 3.5 (light with golden undertones) MSRP $49 (!!) So I bought it, waited the two day shipping and here is what I think.

Y’all. I’m shook. This is the first time I bought foundation online that was actually the right shade. Maybe it’s because other brands (affordable brands) make you guess based just on the picture. But it’s a perfect match! This could potentially be my new favorite foundation. (more money that born this way, but it just feels so light and flawless) I used a brush the first time, but I definitely prefer a sponge.

Turns out…

Okay, so also, I thought I was like making a breakthrough with having an app that you can color match across different brands. But it already exists (go figure)
The website (based on my Born This Way foundation shade) chose Nars 3.0 Gobi. I tried this one on in the store before, and it was a little off (being super pale, and maybe the lighting didn’t do it justice, in any case)
The more foundations you put into the findation, the more accurate it will be.
So Findation, or a Sephora Quiz? 

The only downfall with Findation is that you have to have a few brands shades that match you, so by either getting color matched at an Ulta or Sephora or trusting your own instinct that you know your exact shade. 

Summer Shades and Winter Shades.. 

Are a real thing, however, being in Erie there is no real difference, you can wear the same foundation throughout the whole year. (It doesn’t get super hot, you basically stay the same color because the sun comes out maybe once a week and summer only lasts a total of like maybe 3 months). But here in Florida, no matter how much sun screen I pack on, I can tell a slight difference that my color is changing. So that means, I’ll have to go through the mess all over again and it will be a never ending cycle 🙂 yay, can’t wait. 

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