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We’re Adopting!!!


The time has come and we are ready to adopt our first puppy-child! I have been waiting for this FOREVER. We went to the Tampa Humane Society and got to meet the cutest pit mix named Blue, however, as sweet as he was my heart was already taken. That was the moment I knew I wanted to start the process of adopting our greyhound. So, Nick and I (with the gift cards we received from our going away party) started a buying frenzy on Amazon for all the toys, accessories, and beds for our new baby. 

The Application Process

I was a little disappointed in the process down here. I feel like it isn’t as personal as the Grey-Save in Erie. They are all so close and so willing to help you with anything between finding your new pet, to answering any questions you may have regarding greyhounds. However, the start of our process here, is not like that. We looked into the greyhound adoption place, filled out our first application, and get a call to be asked “well, did you go on pet finder, you can see all our dogs there and pick one out” So I am online shopping for my next pet. COME TO FIND OUT, that it isn’t as updated as they say and the THREE dogs we really liked, aren’t available anymore. ok. So we applied to three other adoption places and I will HOUND their facilities until I get my dog (lol). 

How Perfect?!

I work for a pet supplement/well-being company, and I am getting ready for my first dog! He is going to be an Ark Naturals Ambassador whether he likes it or not. (I really hope he likes it…) But, for now the search continues for our perfect pup and I cannot wait to have a cute little face to come home to (well, another one – sorry Nick!).

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