I Let My Fiancé Pick My Makeup Out

With a Catch

I wasn’t allowed to use a mirror while I was doing my makeup, or at any point during the process. YouTube has cycled these challenges separately, “my boyfriend picks out my makeup tag” and “I do my makeup blind tag”. So, I decided to put them together and damn it was tough.

My normal products that I was familiar with: smashbox primer, ABH brow, mascara, bronzer, blush, contour palette, Stila eyeliner, and setting powder. 


Nick’s Picks: The Wild Cards

His first wild card choice (things I don’t reach for all the time): Wet N’ Wild Photo Focus Foundation. I have been apprehensive of using this because I just don’t think its my shade. I swatched it a few times, but that’s it. I still don’t think it is my shade, it oxidized weird on my face? 

IMG_20180506_140940 (2)Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Eyeshadow Palette: I just bought this palette, so I was excited to use it (nervously awaiting his pick because I saw him eyeing up that bottom left hand corner). So what does he choose? He picked one color for me to try to incorporate in the overall look. THE DARK BLUE SHADE. (Twerk) This was tough for me, because I would normally do a warm tone look (if I don’t have like a set look in my head). If I would have thought a little more about this one I think I could have attempted a cooler look. But this was the biggest disaster (like I anticipated) the only thing I liked was the inner corner shade. 


img_20180506_141011-e1525641332533.jpgSmashbox Liquid Lip in Chill Zone: My mom has always been envious of me since I was little in how I could apply lipstick without a mirror. This was really the only thing she would let me play with in her makeup, so I wasn’t too worried about this part. The only thing that was tough was that my tube of liquid lip is drying out, and I have used it quite a bit, so it was just hard to work with. (I need to toss it out, but I am dreading it)




Naked Highlighter in the blue shadeNick really likes to put me out of my comfort zone. I love the green shade in this palette, but I have not tried the others. I wasn’t so worried about this one, because it would match my eye color, which just added to the ridiculousness. I received this in my boxy charm bag, but I probably wouldn’t buy it on it’s own. I actually really liked the color, but it just reminds of something you would wear to a festival. Also, please note the BIG BLACK LINE across my face because black eyeshadow is no joke. 

The final verdict:

IMG_20180506_140851After it was all done, I asked Nick how he thought I did, from 1-10. He said, “I would rate it a 7, but I wouldn’t want to go out in public with you like that, so maybe more like a 4. But the effort I’d give you a 9.”





img_20180506_141147.jpgI was really digging where the eye look was going, it had a little bit of an intergalactic feel to it, and (if I was able to see) I think I could have made it a look. But, all in all, I was excited to take that makeup off.

So, A for effort, I guess?


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