My Car


It’s More Than a Car, It’s a Community


Seriously though. That is one of many reasons I wanted to get a Subaru. I was alway apprehensive with car guys when Nick and I first started dating, everyone judges each other and they can be pretty brutal. Up until we starting hanging around the Subaru guys, I was content with my civic.
The guys are actually really cool. In the summer, we go to car events, group coffee meets, and car cruises with everyone. It’s a whole different world and for the most part everyone is so friendly and is just happy to be there, listening to all the hard work you have put into your car.


The Work Begins

Building a car takes a lot of patience (still learning that one), supple income (dolla dolla bills yo) and a good source of information on how to install things (thanks, YouTube). I love learning about my car, it’s something I would never expect to be interested in. I always thought a car was just a means to get you from point A to point B, and only really cared when something was wrong with it. Now, I have so many plans for what it will look like and how it will perform. One day (a few years) my car will be so much better than the boys.


It’s Not All Work

Subarus are fun all year round, especially if you live somewhere that snows. This is where the real fun happens (although frowned upon.. and by frowned upon, you can get in a lot of trouble). You fix it in the Spring (goodbye refund check!), do really anything in the summer (rally race, car shows, car meets) and snow drift in the winter.

It takes a lot of patience, hard work and a little luck to get a car the way you want it. Sometimes I feel like I’ll never get there (especially when you and your fiancé have two problem children) but sometimes you just have to suck it up now, so you can truly appreciate the work you put into it.

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