My Life.

Fail to Plan, is a Plan to Fail But..

What happens when life doesn’t go as planned?

I had my life all figured out. Yeah there have been changes along the way, but generally I was the person with the plan. Any family events, vacation plans, people seeking advice, I was the person they turned to.

There was a point in my life that if I didn’t know what the plan was, or if we didn’t have something planned I’d get pretty bad anxiety. Yeah some might even say – control freak – which I was (and still am – but getting better). If we went on vacations, I didn’t want to waste a minute. So I planned every hour. Traveling to me is an opportunity and not to be wasted. Don’t get me wrong, I love to relax and stay in bed. But for the most part, I want to explore.

My 5 Year Plan

If you asked me 5 years ago what my plan for my future was I would tell you this:

(This is 19 year old me)

The second I graduate, I’d leave Erie and move to Denver, CO. I will travel the world and one day I would have 3 little apartments in different cities that I loved. An apartment somewhere in Northern Europe, one in Seattle, WA and one somewhere on a beach. The two that I weren’t staying in at the time, I would rent them out, (either through AirBNB or something) and be a freelance worker (although this idea terrifies me). I will never have kids (still true) and I would like to be married some day, but maybe when I am older (like 30’s). I want to be able to have this big beautiful wedding (the kinds you see on Pinterest) and I have a very specific type of ring I want (although, this is absolutely not important, just a fantasy). I wouldn’t meet said future husband until after college, maybe at some work related rooftop party. Or Tinder because, let’s be honest, I am way too shy to approach anyone and the only reason I’d be at a party is if I was the one planning it. Oh yeah, and I might get another tattoo someday.


Today’s 5 Year Plan 

I still love the 19 year old me plan, and most still stands true. However, I didn’t move away right after college, I did already find said future husband and I will never have kids. My plan now looks a little different. Nick and I would love to build a container home someday (seriously, they are so cool), live somewhere warm and own a greyhound (or 2). We will be married within 5 years and have a garage full of cars. We have matching tattoos, and we’ll probably add on to those (Nick : 4, Me: 3.)

I am excited, and nervous to see where I am at in the next five years, and how much has changed. But no matter how much you plan, life will happen. Something, or someone will pop up when you least expect it and next thing you know your engaged and preparing for the next steps in life! It will always be what you never thought you wanted, yet when you look back, you don’t want to change a thing.



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