My Life.

It’s All Fun and Games..

Okay, so this is actually the last one. I added this out of order because I couldn’t remember where I was going with this. In any case, hopefully it gets there. 

When I find myself with a little bit of free time, I usually will grab my computer or turn my PS4 on. I have had a long history of computer games, ever since I was really little. My sister would make me sit with her at the computer while she played Nancy Drew, and I just watched. I was still a little too young to really be of any assistance with the puzzles but I just loved watching the story. So I was content, unless it was a scary part, then not so much. We would play for hours and I’d fall asleep on the floor next to the computer, but Kate was determined to finish any ND game we played. 

The Sims was the next hot game we had. I played it any chance I could. I LOVED imagining and creating these characters and being the boss of their story, and ugh it just has gotten better with time. I do still play it today. I have Sims 4, with a lot of the expansion packs. I think I love it so much because I honestly appreciate how far they have come with the graphics in the game. 

More Recently

I have had an interest in Borderlands for quite some time. I beat the game, so it isn’t as fun to replay it again. But I’ll occasionally open it up. 

Mortal Kombat X: I absolutely LOVE this game. Honestly, mashing the buttons relieves so much pent up anger. Then when you lose because your guy doesn’t understand the mashing sequence, that anger comes back. But in any case, I love this game. Also have played the older versions and, they too like sims, have outdone themselves. 

GTA5: I followed the story quite a bit, but mostly this was a game for some of my friends to play in the online mode and mess around. Super fun, until you get those little pricks who ruin everything. 


Mile High!

Other Games:

Okay, this is a stretch but I would like to add in my football team. Since I mentioned it in my About Me, but just kind of glazed over that one. I love the Denver Broncos. I think my obsession started back in 2014. This was the year they went to the super bowl and Eric Decker played for them (I ❤ Eric and Jessie James Decker). I wasn’t super into football, I loved watching it but didn’t have ~a~ team. I grew tired of peopled asking who my favorite team was and I’d say, “I dunno, I just watch it to watch”. I also come from a house divided, and divided by a very big rivalry. (I really don’t know why they are rivals) But the Browns (I am honestly so embarrassed to even admit my family likes the Browns) and the Steelers. (they are fine, only for their head coach Mike Tomlin and Juju Smith-Schuster) But the Steelers still leave a bad taste in my mouth. 


So I didn’t choose a side (Browns or Steelers). I chose the Denver Broncos. Thus, my obsession was born. It is so much fun to have an actual team, though. It’s like you are apart of them. When they win you are so proud, and when they lose, you feel that too. 

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