Wishful Thinking: Dog Edition

Today’s topic: ~Animaaaaaalllss~

Okay, so this was going to be a very broad topic, because like I said I like a lot of animals. But I changed my mind. This post is going to be dedicated to greyhounds.
So here we go.
Nick and I have been doing a lot of research for when we get our own place of what dog we will get. We have looked into a lot of different breeds for our hypothetical dog and it’s fun to be able to plan to get a dog with someone. It is such a big decision but I think we locked down on one. So here’s how we got there.

My requirements (in order):

  • Has to be quiet – this is by far the most important attribute of a dog. I hate when dogs bark, almost as much as when babies cry.
  • Has to be lovable – I want something that won’t hate to cuddle
  • Has to be able to live in a small environment – mainly because we’ll be in an apartment for a few years still.
  • Not a ton of shedding – I mean, hair doesn’t bother me, I’d be biased if I said that because I have long hair and it sheds like crazy. This can also be manageable with regular hair cuts, so really this isn’t a deal breaker for me. Maybe I should just say a “clean” dog. One that doesn’t drool a whole lot, or other high maintenance requirements
  • I would prefer a small dog – small dog = small poops.

Nick’s Requirements (in order):

  • Big dog – this has been, and (probably) always will be his number one
  • Protective dog – Nick would prefer a dog that could (if ever need be) be protective in any case
  • Lazy dog preferred, not necessary – he wants a cuddly couch potato
  • Small environment – we agree on this
  • Lovable – also agree on

And finally, the one where we were completely on the same page about. We want to adopt from a shelter. There are so many shelters filled with animals that need homes, and we want to be apart of the movement of emptying them.
So here I am obsessively watching Dogs 101: quietest dog breeds and greyhounds popped up. They talked about how fast they were and the physical attributes of the dog. However, the first thing that caught my eye was that they are generally docile, and quiet.
So I very briefly mentioned to Nick, ‘yeah I’d probably get a greyhound.’ I had no idea what I was in for. He perked up so quick and pulls up videos to show me how sweet these dogs truly are. We watched educational videos on them, their history and dog racing, YouTube videos of others who foster and adopt them and they seem like a such a perfect dog. They are the fastest yet biggest couch potatoes (this appealed to Nick instantly) and they are known to be the perfect apartment dog.
Terri Royea:

They haven’t had the best life growing up in the racing industry, and in fact there are only a few states that have operating racing tracks. For the states that do allow it, the dogs are born in breeding farms and put in a cage for 20+ hours waiting for their next race. So yeah, when they retire it’s basically having a new puppy because they have never been inside a home before.
Dog racing tracks are slowly getting shut down (yay!) which means these retirees need a home! There are many adoption facilities, and pups that need re-homed. I always look up different adoption organizations to see what pups they have and there is one that really stuck out to me. They frequently post youtube videos of the dogs they have but recently they had one on the benefit dinner they hosted. Their goal was to raise money after their facility was flooded with pups in late 2017 because an Alabama racing track was shut down. Those dogs needed to be re-homed, so GALT took in some of the dogs, which comes with a lot of costs. You can watch more here, but I for one, want to be a part of the solution, not just sit and complain about the problem.
Other breeds we looked into, but just didn’t quite fit.

  • Belgian Malinois – the ultimate protective dog, too bad they’re on the top of the list of “Unacceptable Breeds” for apartments and they need strict training and a lot of space to run.
  • German Shepherd – ugh, we fell in love. My sister has a german and they are so loving to the people he knows. But again, they are too, on the Unacceptable breeds list for most apartments.
  • Corgi – the dog I wanted, and probably will always want, ugh I just love their corgi butts. But they barrrrrrkkkk, a lot.
  • Basenji – The ultimate non-barking dog. However, they’re kind of like cats, they really don’t care to listen to you, and you have to go through a breeder. (as with most, if not all the dogs on this list) and I am impatient and training would be tough.
  • Australian Shepherd – cutest. dogs. ever. They’re eyes are so full of life, and they just seem like they’re always happy. But, they do not do well in apartments, and they shouldn’t be trusted at home alone for too long. Grrr.

What kind of dog do you have? Let me know in the comments, I love pet story time.

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