Where To Next?

I like to make decisions on a whim. Like, big decisions. I am very strong willed too, so if I say I am going to do something, watch out, because it’s going to get done. This has always scared my mom, and I have never understood why. Whims usually happen when I decide to travel. I just have a split idea that I want to go somewhere, or do something adventurous in a new city and then, done. The ticket is booked and I am on my way.

Here are the three most recent travel destinations I have, based on whims.

Maastricht, Netherlands
Maastricht, Netherlands

First case, studying abroad. This was my way of getting what I want, with the security my mom could have with me traveling alone to another country. I did feel a little out of place though, everyone already had their clicks and travel buddies. But, I’d remind myself that I wasn’t there to make life long friends, I was there to see the world and have no limitations (even though I did have the limitation of having to go to class. Fine print)
But after all, I planned my trip alone, so I was totally fine with being that girl that just wonders off of the group to have her own adventures. This is where it all started, my obsession with traveling the world. (Oh, and I did find three travel buddies, and they were pretty cool.) I’ll add recommendations and travel how to’s, so prepare yourself to be bit by the travel bug. (if you haven’t already)

Denver, CO
Denver, CO

Second case, Denver, CO. As many students on spring break flew south to sit on a beach and drink endlessly, I went west to sit in a park to read my books and drink coffee. This was also a spur of the moment decision. Caught a flight, stayed in Hostel Fish and fell in love with the city. The stairs at Hostel Fish though, almost killed me. Note to self, if you ever stay there pack light. You’ll thank me. I learned the hard way and had to drag my huge suitcase up 3 flights of stairs, and let me tell you. I was dead by the time I got to my room. BUT it was amazing there. They had really cool rooms, clean atmosphere and there was a little balcony to sit outside, which was nice.

Austin, TX
Austin, TX

Final Case, Austin, TX. Nick and I went to Austin to visit one of my really good friends and yet, my third quick thinking-just-book-the-ticket whimsy self kicked in. Best food, and best bars. It was such a cool place and there is something for everyone there. Go to Rainey Street for outdoor bars, and live music or go to Dirty Sixth, a whole block blocked off to car traffic at night just for pedestrians to bar hop. Site see or kayak, there is so much to do there. Oh yeah, and eat. Austin Java. Voodoo Donut. Chuy’s. I swear I have dreams about Chuy’s sometimes.
Where to next? Leave a comment suggesting your favorite places.

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