Conspiracy Theories and Mysteries

Three Sides to Every Story…

Conspiracy Theories, Murder Mysteries and Podcasts, #3. 

This is part of the reason why I wanted to start this whole idea of creating a blog. I wanted an avenue to talk about the stories that I listened to through a podcast or researched through the many books I read. I swear, if I bring it up to Nick anymore, he will probably rip my head off.


Please, I’ll say this once, and I will probably say it again. I am no way shape or form a conspiracy extremist. I don’t think the government is controlling your mind through the “chem trails” from airplanes and don’t even start with any ancient history hieroglyphs telling us the world ended in 2016. However, I do believe there are three sides to every story and maybe they’re aren’t always what they seem. Or sometimes they are exactly what they seem. But that’s the fun of it, trying to figure it out! I put these three topics in the same idea because I get a decent amount of the information about conspiracies and murders through podcasts. Even though conspiracies are probably the main focus for me right now, I do plan to talk about murder mysteries in the future. 

Conspiracies I’m Obsessed With Right Now: 

  • Area 51 
  • 9/11
  • Columbine/ Sandy Hook / Las Vegas Shooting
  • Illuminati / New World Order / Denver Airport
  • Man Landing on the Moon

I am not saying all of these are conspiracies or that I am on one side of the conversation. They are just the topics I am interested in to either debunk, or lay to rest. I’ll go into detail about those topics later, so stay tuned!


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