Event Planning

A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

pexels-photo-296878.jpegI have a passion for event planning, well, planning in general. Maybe it comes from being a child of divorced parents growing up. Since they didn’t have any set schedules for me, I was able to float back and fourth when I wanted to. So, I had to plan every week between what parent was going to pick me up from practice, to packing bags of clothes to shuffle between the two houses. Note* Yes, I did have to do this myself, my parents were not anywhere near speaking terms so any communication between them went through me to tell the other parent. Brutal. 

So then I get to high school, and one of my favorite teachers (ceramics class) asks me if I want to be apart of the Prom Committee, since she was the advisor for it. I like to think she really liked me, or maybe it was just the fact she could trust me. I was there by her side helping with everything. Decorations, party favors, theme ideas, invitations, posters, or selling tickets. I was always trying to help. I loved it. I think I enjoyed planning the Prom, more than the actual night of Prom. That was my ah-ha moment. 

Hobby to Career?

I just thought of “party planning” as a hobby, and it never crossed my mind to go to school for it. 

The first time I thought of Event Planning as an actual career choice was in Junior Year of College. A little too late, huh? So I joined every club and organization I could that would allow me to plan any type of event I could. I got a job at Student Activities on campus and really thought about going for my masters in Student Affairs in hopes of staying in that atmosphere. But I wanted to see what I could do with the degree I had, and not have to start over in a completely different school with even more debt than I do. So, I graduated and got my degree in Marketing and Economics and started my first job. Which to my pleasant surprise allowed me to plan events, too. Anytime we need to plan company picnics, events, meetings with important public figures, planning gift ideas for coworkers, I am the first one to offer my help. 


But also! If you didn’t read my about me, I will soon-to-be planning a wedding(!) of my own. That I will also be sharing my experience throughout this blog. So stay tuned! 

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll make it a real gig and be an event planner? 


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