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Do You Even Know How to Drive A Stick Shift?


My Baby ❤

When I first decided to buy the car? No, and actually had a full blown breakdown in the Panera parking lot when I realized it was going to be a major change. My coworker let me take her car to go get lunch and I might have been a little too confident in myself. It was at that moment, I was contemplating every decision leading up to that moment.

Okay, so who cares! I didn’t know how to drive an automatic when I first got behind the wheel? So why the judgement now? I hate being told I can’t do something. Every fiber in my being just wants to clench my fist and knock the person out. I can, and I will. Yeah, I get it, driving around in this shitty town is a necessity and you sort of need to know how to drive your own car, whatever, but it’s like riding a bike. Would you learn if your parents didn’t let go? Probably not.


(and by the way I got this question quite a bit when I was looking to buy my WRX, and a *I’m trying not to judge you, but I totally am*, look) – yeah mom, I’m talking about you.

So, I sold the civic and was on the prowl for my very first Subaru. It was tough. I never thought finding the right car would be as extensive as it was. Private sellers are brutal and it’s a dog eat dog world. If you couldn’t physically go to look at the car right away when you see it on Craigslist, or some Facebook group, someone else will. And it will be gone. You can say you want the car so bad, and you “have the money in full”, but at the end of the day, cash is king. Which made it hard when you already sold your car and are relying on other people to give you rides. Brutal.

But! My baby showed up, and it was love at first sight. I only had two mental breakdowns and maayybeee cried once, so I call it a success. #SoWorthIt Unfortunately, I didn’t get to drive it home, because ya know, I didn’t know how and I was already unfocused because I JUST BOUGHT A CAR. So, Nick did, and we only got turned around once! He was nervous, I was nervous. It was a long day and I was just ready to be home.

Subaru = Prepare to burn (your wallet)

Here I am some newbie girl with her very first WRX at some car meet in a predominately male environment. Yeah, I am nervous. Most of their conversations go like this:

Dude 1: Hey man! I love the setup you got over here, wow what have you gotten done to it so far?

Dude 2: Thanks dude, yeah actually just got the blouch 16 g turbo, 1000 cc fuel injectors, upgraded fuel pump, mishimoto top mount intercooler, equal length headers, full 3 in exhaust from the turbo back, 500 horse power rated axels

Dude 1: Oh why didn’t you go 20 g turbo, you could hit xxx HP, with xxx pay off.

And the conversation goes on… scary right? It’s a WHOLE OTHER LANGUAGE.

And then you see my car…. and the most I can tell you? Oh yeah, I dropped $6,000 in (pause for dramatic effect) …maintenance. It still hurts my heart to talk about, so we’re just going to skip it and talk about that later (never).

But! What I will talk about are some minor updates that you can do on your own that can maybe make your car look better or even perform better. I love change and being able to look at my car and say “YUP. I fixed that, or I installed this”. So, stay tuned, I have so much I want to talk about! 



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