Makeup is a True Art

img_20171231_112055.jpgAlright, so let me expand on my hobbies in order. Which I am so happy to say the first one is: Makeup!

I have recently found a new interest of learning more about makeup. Before my ~true~ obsession, I knew how to apply makeup (said very loosely), shopped at the local CVS (because my mom had coupons) and put it on with my hands. We’ve come so far, guys. 

Social Media has played a major role in this fascination. I’d watch beauty gurus on YouTube, see a ton of tutorials on Instagram and instantly became infatuated with the whole skill. I created my first Ulta account in 2016 and my bank account has never been the same.

Most of the time, I just do my makeup for fun. It’s the weekend-early morning, Nick is sleeping and I just have an urge to do my makeup. I’ll spend hours on my hair and makeup even if I don’t have plans for that day and then take it off a few hours later. But I love the way you just transform into this hot, confident person (which I am not used to). Makeup makes you feel invincible.

makeup memes

This is a skill I want to learn and maybe one day be able to call myself a beauty guru (lol). Maybe have posts dedicated to favorites of the month, or things that people suggest that didn’t work out for me — the average, intermediately skilled hobbyist. I have dry skin, pimples here and there, and minor redness. So when I watch the very few MUA’s on YouTube that I subscribe to, I have to be careful because they identify as having very oily skin and their product recommendations might not work for me. Like the fact that if you have dry skin, you might want to refrain from baking your entire face. WHO KNEW?! I might add tips that have helped me along the way, so stay tuned!



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