My Life.

Who are you lady on the other side of the computer???

I figured my first post should be a little bit more about myself, so here it goes. Hi, hello, thanks for being here! My name is Alexis and I like to think of my life as average as can be for a 23 year old, until recently.  

I am a true introvert. I love reading and storytelling. I am very content alone or in small groups, and love the solidarity of a quiet environment. I am very independent, and usually pretty reserved. 

I love makeup, my WRX, event planning, conspiracy theories, murder mysteries, the Broncos, traveling, gaming and animals (I say all animals because my list would go on for days if I had to list them all). I’ll go more in detail as the blog progresses, but to keep this first one short I figured I would paraphrase.

Engagement Photos_004I recently got engaged to (call my bias) the most wonderful man in the world. We are really one and the same. Yeah, we have a few differences, but for the most part we are very similar, it kinda freaks me out. Our engagement was a complete surprise, and the most shocking thing about the whole thing was that my mom was able to keep it a secret. Honestly, she was probably avoiding me the entire week before, for that very reason. I plan on talking more about wedding planning, so stay tuned!

That’s it for now!

– AB

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